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Builder Application

Post  skinerdean on Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:12 pm

What is your Minecraft name? My minecraft name is skinerdean
What is your real name? My real name is Clive
Have you read and agreed to the rules? Yes i have read the rules and agree to all of them
Why do you feel you should be Noble(Builder)? I feel that i should be a builder is because my brother Captain_Rotskull and i are really good builders. Right now we are building the Marina Bay Sands which is hard when we have to make all the glass and stuff, I have also been an Admin on 3 other servers and a builder (build mode) in many more. The reason why i want to be a builder is so i can build a big city with my brother( which will have many appartments and skyscrapers) and also so i can help people who need it.
How old are you? I am 14 years old and my brother is 16
Where do you live? (State, city or Country.) We live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but we are Australians who have also lived in New Zealand
What do you like to do in Minecraft? I have to build huge buildings like stadiums, skyscrapers and hotels.
How did you hear about the server? My brother found this server on youtube and we thought i looked cool.

Thank you.


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